4 Financial Goals to Drive your Business Forward

Financial Goals to Drive your business forward

Many business owners start their businesses because they have expertise in a particular area. While focusing on creating your product or service is important, you are also in business to make money. Setting financial goals to drive your business forward is of utmost importance for small businesses. You should always know where your money is […]

5 Highly Effective Business Success Tips for Entrepreneurs

Business Success Tips for Entrepreneurs

Running any type of business comes with countless challenges, and most times, there’s just not enough time to get everything done. Over 40% of business owners report that handling finances is challenging. If you are having these same challenges, you are not alone. Whatever type of business, the following 5 business success tips for entrepreneurs […]

4 TIPS to know if your Small business is PROFITABLE!

know if your business is profitable

In order to know if your small business is profitable, you need to look at your Income Statement and not your bank account. Just because you have money in your bank account does not mean that you are profitable. The Income Statement is a word that is thrown around quite a bit. But what does […]